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Circol ELT

Circol ELT

Shoes For My Car is committed to sustainable processes and end-of-life disposal of tyres. In a world with an ever-increasing focus on sustainability, we at Shoes For My Car want to play our part to reduce our impact as we try to combat global warming.

We believe in providing high-quality tyres and being responsible for our product's environmental impact.

We are committed to promoting sustainability by reducing waste and finding ways to reuse materials. We work with tyre manufacturers who share our values to ensure that our tyres are designed sustainably. Our goal is to minimise our environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle of our products, from production to disposal.

For tyre disposal and recycling, we partner with REPAK ELT. Repak is an environmental not-for-profit organisation appointed to manage the recycling and sustainability of Ireland’s packaging waste, and tyres fall under its remit.

Circol ELT (www.circolelt.ie), a subsidiary of Reapk (www.repak.ie), are tasked with sustainable recycling within the tyre industry. All approved fitting centres we use are registered with Circol ELT.

Every time a tyre is imported, a €2.80 charge is applied for recycling the trye at the end of its life. Circol ELT tracks every tyre from when they are imported into the country until they are disposed of.

Circol ELT then works to find sustainable outcomes for end-of-life tyres. The recycling process begins by shredding the tyres into small pieces. These pieces are then separated into their component materials, such as rubber, steel, and textiles. The rubber is typically used to create new products such as playground surfaces, athletic tracks, and even new tyres. The steel is recycled and used to produce new steel products, while the textiles can be repurposed into things like carpet padding or insulation.

As members of Circol ELT, our approved fitting centres report monthly to ensure all their waste is accounted for. In 2021 98% of all tyres imported to Ireland were recycled (Circol ELT).

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